Blockchain360° is one of the most senior conference in the Nordics for the blockchain technology applied to the enterprise architecture and will take place in Stockholm on the 12-13 November. 

For the 2018 edition, we will be joined by enterprise architects, technology leads, innovation and R&D labs, business leaders from multiple industries over two days filled with inspiring case studies from proof of concepts to live production. 

The conference will split in two different tracks covering the business perspective of the technology as well as the technical aspects including security, privacy, scalability and more.

Several streams will be arranged during the conference covering more in details blockchain use cases for verticals including capital markets, banking, industries and public sector.

Blockchain360° was founded to offer enterprises the foundation to begin investigating (or take to the next level) a technology that might benefit their architecture in the future.


Noelle Acheson
Editorial producer, CFA, CoinDesk

OPENING KEYNOTE: State of Blockchain

Erik Möller
Project Manager, Stena Bulk

CASE STUDY: Stena Bulk experience

Stena Bulk’s successful MIT Sloan project with Blockchain

Tal Ater
CTO and Co-Founder, DAV Foundation

CASE STUDY: A protocol to utilize transportation services.

A protocol allowing anyone to utilize transportation services or put their own manned or autonomous vehicles on the network, creating a decentralized peer-to-peer transportation ecosystem

Johan Hörmark
Enterprise Architect,SEB

CASE STUDY: A mutual fund trading platform based on blockchain technology

Merete Salmeling
Head of Digital and Innovation, Landshypotek Bank

Totte Löfström
CEO, Trijo

Sebastian Hermelin
Co-Founder & COO, WarOnCancer

Johan Lorenzen
Digitalization & Innovation, Handelsbanken

Sukesh Kumar Tedla
Regional Head, Swedish Blockchain Association

Peter Altmann
Blockchain Expert, Senior Researcher, RISE

Cecilia Hultén
Financial Strategic Leader, Fintech Investor & Executive Coach at Stanford Graduate School of Business

Peter Ekström
AVP, Head of Business Development Broker Services, Nasdaq

Shahjahan Yousuff Khan
CEO, IcoCrafter

Ville Sointu
Head of Emerging Technologies, Nordea

Adam Lindberg
Partner, Nordic Mountain Equity

Jörgen Modin
Chief Solutions Architect, ChromaWay

Vendela Lilliestråle
Founder, Qalora Capital

Magnus Kempe
Director Retail & Finance, Kairos Future

Juho Lindman
Associate Senior Lecturer, Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg

Göran Almgren
CEO, Enigio Time

Lasse Meholm
Head of Blockchain & DLT Strategy, DNB

Fredrik Sundvall
Head of Transaction Lifecycle Management, Nordea Life & Pensions

Joakim Hedenstedt
COO and Co-Founder, Aion Sigma

Björn Svensson
Head of Nordic Markets, EuroCCP

Annie Lindmark
Programme Manager, Vinnova

Nancy Amert
Director, Trade Innovation Lab, CGI

Erik Beijnoff
Founder, Repertoire

Andreas Johansson
Technology Management Consultant

Tobias Dahlberg
COO Eos Sweden & Managing Director, Swedish Blockchain Association

Tom Van Dijk
Blockchain Lead, CGI

Daniel Zakrisson
Co-founder, Hardfork & former Co-founder,

Camilla Lundin
CEO & Founder, Qalora Capital

Viktor Tigerström
Systems Developer, One Agency

Sven Edgren
Head of Digital Transformation - Business Assurance, DNV GL

Peter Arrhenius
VP, Head of Business Unit, Stockholm & Financial Services, CGI

Stefan Farestam
Co-founder, CareChain

Oliver Oram
CEO & Founder, Chainvine

Javier Tarazaga Gomez
CPO & Co-founder, Superblocks



Tobias Dahlberg, COO Eos Sweden & Managing Director, Swedish Blockchain Association

Andreas Johansson, Technology Management Consultant, Swedish Blockchain Association

OPENING KEYNOTE: Innovation or Disruption?

Annie Lindmark will talk about disruptive innovation and present some of the areas blockchain could change and have a disruptive effect on, and touch upon the possibilities and challenges from an innovation system view. She will also tell us about what Vinnova is currently doing within the area and give us some examples of use cases from their project portfolio 

Annie Lindmark, Programme Manager, Vinnova

KEYNOTE: Blockchain: A Web of Contradictions

The contradictions in blockchain - and how they're good for development. Centralized and decentralized. Retail and institutional. Saving the planet and harming the planet. Search for volatility and need for stablecoins.

Noelle Acheson, Editorial Producer, CFA, CoinDesk

followed by Presentation of winning team of Decentralized Camp & KTH BI blockchain hackaton 

Decentralized Camp will announce the winning Projects from the weekend's hackaton. An opportunity to see real World applications built using blockchain technology.

Coffee and mingle

KEYNOTE: Merging Blockchain in the existing world

When you follow the hype, it seems like Blockchain is the solution for ‘life, universe and everything’. However, when doing business in industry, we experience that the value of Blockchain is much more subtle. In this talk we explore the impact and challenges of Blockchain in its purest form, and from there see the great implications of what happens when Blockchain emerges from the reality of today.

Tom Van Dijk
, Blockchain Lead, CGI

CASE STUDY: WarOnCancer - ”Blockchain to Empower Patients”

WarOnCancer, a digital health company on a mission to radically improve mental health for people affected by cancer, is leading a co-creation projects together with the biopharmaceutical- and healthcare industry. ”Blockchain to Empower Patients” a co-creation project together with the pharmaceutical industry leads the way to better understand the potential in patient-reported data and how this data can be collected in a continuous and sustainable way.

Sebastian Hermelin, Co-Founder & COO, WarOnCancer


Registration and Breakfast



Shahjahan Yousuff Khan,CEO, IcoCrafter


Sukesh Kumar Tedla, Regional Head, Swedish Blockchain Association


Hands-on WORKSHOP on the fundamental blockchain principles – What is blockchain, what can it realistically do and what are the limitations?

In this hands-on workshop we will provide the participants an introduction to the blockchain fundamentals. The workshop is organised in tables and intended for two audiences: 1) for conference participants with little or no earlier
knowledge on blockchain and 2) dedicated tables for more advanced industry experts that have already some experience with blockchain and want to discuss its applications in their industries with like-minded people.

Juho Lindman, Associate Senior Lecturer, Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg

Peter Altmann, Blockchain Expert, Senior Researcher, RISE


CASE STUDY: My Story – the blockchain based solution to tell a product’s full story

Hear how companies can build trust and provide customers with increased transparency into a product’s history and characteristics. Through a digital assurance solution combining industry and audit competence with VeChains blockchain technology, it is now possible to follow a product from farm to shelf. 

Sven Edgren, Head of Digital Transformation - Business Assurance, DNV GL 


WORKSHOP continues


CASE STUDY: Stena Bulk’s successful MIT Sloan project with Blockchain

The global shipping industry is facing an interesting future where transformation, collaboration and adoption to new technology is vital to apply into the business to not be left behind. In this session you will hear how Stena Bulk prepare them self for the transformative future and the work that has been done within Blockchain together with MIT and one of the customer. 

Erik Möller, Project Manager, Stena Bulk


KEYNOTE: Blockchain in the Enterprise or Blockchain as the Enterprise?

Jörgen Modin, Chief Solutions Architect, ChromaWay


CASE STUDY: The Land Registry in the blockchain - an update

The Swedish Land Registry project is Sweden’s most recognized blockchain project involving Telia, the Tax agency, SBAB, Landshypotek Bank, Evry, ChromaWay, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling. Having completed a fully digital property transaction this summer a platform for other applications is now being made. Magnus Kempe, who is the project leader, will give an update to the legal, governance, and business insights that have been made so far and the plans going forward. One or two of the project partners will join. 

Magnus Kempe, Director Retail & Finance, Kairos Future

Merete Salmeling, Head of digital and Innovation, Landshypotek Bank 



Moderator:  Totte Löfström, CEO,Trijo

Session 1CASE STUDY & DEMO -  A mutual fund trading platform based on blockchain technology

Johan Hörmark, Enterprise Architect, SEB

Peter Ekström, AVP, Head of Business Development Broker Services, NASDAQ

Fredrik Sundvall, Head of Transaction Lifecycle Management, Nordea Life & Pensions

Session 2: CASE STUDY - Blockchain based margin and collateral solution

Björn Svensson, Head of Nordic Markets, EuroCCP

Session 3: PANEL DEBATE - Raising capital in the age of blockchain


Camilla Lundin, CEO & Founder, Qalora Capital


Vendela Lilliestråle, Founder, Qalora Capital 

Oliver Oram, CEO & Founder, Chainvine 

Adam Lindberg, Partner, Nordic Mountain Equity


Moderator:  Cecilia Hultén, Financial Strategic Leader, Fintech Investor & Executive Coach , Stanford Graduate School of Business

Session 1: OPENING KEYNOTE: What's next: the convergence of banking and emerging technologies

Nancy Amert, Director Innovation Lab, CGI

Session 2: CASE STUDY: Getting real with blockchain: digital trade services for Nordic SMEs with

Launched into production in June 2018, is providing open account trade finance services for Nordic SME customers. Is it just a shared database on a cloud masquerading as a blockchain or something more? What does it take to move a blockchain network into production in a regulated environment? Hear how Nordea approached these and many other questions when deploying 

Ville Sointu, Head of Emerging Technologies, Nordea

Session 3: CASE STUDY: IOTA,  IoT and M2M payment & Communication

IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (machine to machine) transaction and settlement is about to establish a new eco-system. DNB thoughts about the future

Lasse Meholm, Head of Blockchain & DLT Strategy, DNB



Moderator:  Cecilia HulténFinancial Strategic Leader, Fintech Investor & Executive Coach , Stanford Graduate School of Business

Session 1:  PANEL DEBATE - Emerging trends and technology in banking

Lasse Meholm, Head of Blockchain & DLT Strategy, DNB 

Ville Sointu, Head of Emerging Technologies, Nordea 

Johan Lorenzen, Digitalization & Innovation, Handelsbanken

Session 2:  CASE STUDY - Digital mortgages with blockchain technology 

One of the most profitable areas for Swedish banks, the Mortgage Process, is still paper based. The reason is the requirement that the original promissory note have to be presented. Enigio has built a blockchain based solution (patent pending) that finally enables digital promissory notes that follows the current legislation and will presents how this may be implemented at Swedish banks.

 Göran Almgren, CEO, Enigio Time

Session 3: CASE STUDY -  How financial inclusion can be addressed with blockchain

Digital inclusion is a prerequisite for financial inclusion to target the next 2 billion people. In this session we will hear how Aion Sigma aims to create a financial identity for everyone by using big data and leverage decentralized technologies and blockchain to protect it.  Small loans are enabled, payment history created, trust is earned and self-ownership of your data the cornerstone.  In the emerging markets, digital and financial inclusion offer a path to a more just, inclusive and transparent society.

Joakim Hedenstedt, COO and Co-Founder, Aion Sigma


Moderator:  Sukesh Kumar Tedla, Regional Head, Swedish Blockchain Association

Session 1: OPENING KEYNOTE: How to create trust, transparency and efficiency in the Logistics supply chain

Blockchain is one the most promising technologies of the next economy- and Logistics happens to be just the right industry where to make the first big impacts. As a Logistics Blockchain Lead, Tom works on different Logistics Blockchain projects. Based on this experience, Tom will take you on a true blockchain journey, demonstrating you (live) the real value of blockchain in an easy and understandable way.

Tom Van Dijk, Blockchain Lead, CGI

Session 2: CASE STUDY: Spotify – Open Music Initiative: The future of music 

Streaming services such as Spotify have massively altered the way we consume music, yet the methods by which creators are paid for their creations remains archaic and is in need of an innovative solution. The promise of open networks enabled by blockchain technology is to adress all of the central issues that are plaguing the music industry and in one unified solution integrate all industry actors on a level playing field that connects producers of content directly with the consumers.

Erik Beijnoff, Founder, Repertoire Network

Session 3: CASE STUDY - Blockchain powered drones and what it means for tomorrow's autonomous cars

Learn how Dav Network used the blockchain to teach drones how to be truly autonomous, how they created an open marketplace for mobility services, what it means for tomorrow's autonomous cars, and why they keep looking over their shoulder for time travellers coming back from the future to stop us.

Tal Ater, CTO, Dav Network



PANEL DEBATE: Experiences in introducing blockchain based solution in our current World


Peter Arrhenius, VP, Head of Business Unit, Stockholm & Financial Services, CGI


Nancy Amert, Director, Trade Innovation Lab, CGI

Tom Van Dijk, Blockchain Lead, CGI

Stefan Farestam, Co-founder, CareChain


KEYNOTE: Different models of scaling

In this "crash course" session,  different blockchains in different models will be selected for scaling, and thier benefits and trade-offs described

Viktor Tigerström, System Developer, One Agency


CASE STUDY: Opting for creative destruction – Closing 

The core idea of was to create an alternative token based VC ecosystem built around crowdfunding, democratisation, and transparency. The project was launched in 2016 and well timed with the first boom of the token economy. In this talk, Daniel Zakrisson will share their story and why they chose creative destruction, closed operations and returned as much assets as possible to the ecosystem. 

Daniel Zakrisson, Co-founder, Hardfork & former Co-founder,


KEYNOTE: Blockchain, how to get started with building

Superblocks empowers visionaries to build the decentralized future. Born out of Sweden's largest blockchain developer community, Superblocks has become one of the leading blockchain tech companies in the Nordics with development tools serving users around the globe. This talk is for anyone interested in getting hands on with blockchain technology and decentralized applications (DApps). Co-founder Javier Tarazaga will not only talk about the concept of DApps, but also show what practical steps you can take to start building them.

Javier Tarazaga Gomez, CPO & Co-founder, Superblocks

End of Conference


Date: Monday 12 November - Tuesday 13 November

Time: Monday 12 November kl 16:20 - kl 20:00 & Tuesday 13 November kl 08:00 - kl 16:30

Where: A House, Stockholm- Uggelviksgatan 2a


CIOs,CTOs, Enterprise Architects, Investors, Start-ups, Blockchain Lead, Project Managers


1995 kr  (including lunch, refreshments, documentation)
Content Lab reserves the rights to decline registration of delegates outside the target audience

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